Persona 5 Captivating Dancer Weakness (2024)

1. Ame-no-Uzume - Persona 5 Guide - IGN

  • 27 apr 2017 · Ame-no-Uzume ; Arcana: Lovers, Level: ; Resistances/Weaknesses ; Physical: -, Gun: ; Fire: Dr, Ice: ; Electric: -, Wind: ...

  • The following page contains the information on the Persona Ame-no-Uzume from Persona

2. Persona 5 Royal - Ame no Uzume Persona Stats and Skills

  • 26 mrt 2020 · Absorbs, Block, Resists, Weak. Almighty, –, Fire, –, –, Psy. Persona Skills. Skill, Cost, Effect, Level. Mazio, 10 SP, Light Electric damage to ...

  • Guide for the Ame Uzume, a Lovers Arcana persona in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. Included are Ame Uzume's stats, skills, and more.

3. Ame-no-Uzume | Megami Tensei Wiki - Fandom

  • Captivating Dancer (P5R) Entranced Dancer (P5R) ... Lovers (Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal, Persona 5 Strikers) ... weak point, Aragami (Gacha). Prayer, 5 MP, Cures all ...

  • Ame-no-Uzume is a demon in the series. Ame-no-Uzume, also known as Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, The Great Persuader and The Heavenly Alarming Female, is the goddess of dawn, mirth, meditation, revelry and the arts in the Shinto religion of Japan. She is also the wife of Sarutahiko. Her name can also be pronounced as Ama-no-Uzume, and is also known as Oumiyanome-no-Ohkami, an inari kami, possibly due to her relationship with her husband. She famously relates to the tale of the missing sun deity, Amate

4. List of Persona 5 Shadows | Megami Tensei Wiki - Fandom

  • Yosh*tsune - Grudging Warrior Arisen; Ame-no-Uzume - Captivating Dancer (Persona 5 only); Ongyo-Ki - Shadowy Ninja. Other Challenge Battle Shadows. Zaou-Gongen ...

  • This is a list of Shadows in both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. Note Persona Name - Shadow Name - Arcana: Area(s) where Shadow appears. Moloch - Sacrificial Pyrekeeper - Hanged Man Jatayu - Arrogant Vulture - Hanged Man (Royal) Ose x2 - Cruel Leopard - Fool (Royal) Jack-o'-Lantern - Crypt-dwelling Pyromaniac - Magician Pixie - Beguiling Girl - Lovers Incubus - Bedside Brute - Devil Mandrake - Gallows Flower - Death Bicorn - Dirty Two-horned Beast - Hermit Agathion - Apprentice in a Jug - Chario

5. Rangda - Persona 5 Guide - IGN

6. Persona 5 Negotiation Guide by joyce-chen

  • Captivating Dancer, Lovers, Upbeat, Psy. 14, Inugami, Possessing Dog Ghost, Hanged Man, Timid, Wind. 15, Makami, Hunting Wolf Spirit, Temperance, Gloomy, Elec.

  • Persona 5 & Royal Negotiation Guide. List of questions, answers, and results from shadows.

7. Persona 5 Royal negotiation guide: tips and tricks - Polygon

  • 3 apr 2020 · Hitting a demon with an attack they are weak against knocks them down. If you knock all demons down at once, you'll initiate a Hold Up. From ...

  • Gotta catch those Personas!

8. Persona 5 Royal/Enemies - Amicitia Wiki

  • 8 mrt 2024 · Enemies ; 0087, 0057, Grudging Warrior Arisen ; 0088, 0058, Defeated Avenger ; 0089, 0059, Captivating Dancer ; 0090, 005A, Lamenting Sacrifice.

  • Retrieved from ""

9. Persona 5 Negotiation Guide - Joyce Chen.

  • Royal Shadows · Here · P5 Shadows · Info

  • Persona 5 & Royal Negotiation Guide. List of questions, answers, and results from shadows.

10. Persona 5/Unused Enemies - The Cutting Room Floor

  • 29 dec 2022 · Persona 5/Unused Enemies. From The ... While the unused enemy entry is weak to fire, Persona ... Captivating Dancer/Ame-no-Uzume. Ame-no-Uzume ...

  • This is a sub-page of Persona 5.

11. List of Shadows - Persona 5 Royal Fusion Calculator

  • Persona 5 Royal Fusion Calculator. Demon, Stats ... Captivating Dancer, 238, 120, no, no, ab, no, no, no, wk ... 5, Bedside Brute, 115, 66, no, no, wk, no, rs, no ...

  • Search enemies normally encountered in Persona 5 Royal by stats and resistances.

12. Persona 5 Royal - 100% Perfect Schedule •

  • 29 apr 2021 · Persona 5 Royal - 100% Perfect Schedule ... Captivating Dancer, Ame-no-Uzume, 13, Lovers ... Qliphoth World. Shadow, Persona, Level, Arcana, Capture ...

  • 40

13. Persona 5 Royal - P5R Madarame Palace Overview and Infiltration ...

  • 6 mrt 2020 · Persona, Level, Arcana, Personality, Weakness, Item Drop. Mokoi, 9, Death, Gloomy, Wind, Silk Yarn. Koropokkuru, 9, Hermit, Timid, Fire ...

  • A complete walkthrough and strategy guide of Madarame Palace in Persona 5 Royal. This includes a list of characters, obtainable items, equipment, enemies, infiltration guides, and a boss strategy guide for Shadow Madarame.

14. Pixels Apart — Persona 5 Royal: A Review

  • This gets harder when there are multiple different Personas to battle at once, all with different weaknesses and strengths that means you must time your combat ...

  • It’s finally time to review one of my all-time favourite games. I first played Persona 5 around 3 years ago, and I’ve really grown since then in a few ways. A few thoughts before I begin: a) since my...

15. Persona 5/Enemies - Amicitia Wiki

  • 30 jan 2022 · Persona 5/Enemies. From Amicitia Wiki. Views. Read ... Captivating Dancer, Ame-no-Uzume. 0090, 005A ... Museum Boss All Weakness. 0212, 00D4 ...

  • Retrieved from ""

16. Velvet Revolution (P5 to P5R New Game +) | Sufficient Velocity

  • 4 jun 2020 · A "Protagonist from Persona 5 NG+'s into Persona 5 ... captivating and evocative part of her. Three ... "Had it not been for my weakness, none of ...

  • Phantom Thieves: 1 Yaldabaoth: 7 Three days after the Battle for Tokyo, Ren Amamiya hasn't mourned properly. He hasn't done a lot of things that he should. Yaldabaoth may have been defeated, but the price was much higher than it should have been. Igor, the real Igor, however, has an offer that...

17. This Morning I Made The Call - Chapter 2 - NidoranDuran

  • 5 okt 2023 · Persona 5. Characters: Niijima Makoto · Okumura ... captivating her with the sheer downfall of ... weak boy like him." She was noisy, brash ...

  • An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

18. Page 2 – A Hobby Blog! - Figuratively Speaking

  • You could still be a Zelda or Dragon Quest fan without having played the very latest iteration of the series and enjoy the Musou options, but Persona 5 Strikers ...

  • A Hobby Blog!

19. Ultimate Persona Team (Persona 5 Builds) | by bainz - Medium

  • 16 sep 2019 · ... Dance for evasion and two skills to cover weaknesses. All of the reasons I use Girimehkala are mentioned with Rangda, and he has the same ...

  • An end game team for Persona 5, including builds and explanations.

Persona 5 Captivating Dancer Weakness (2024)


Who is the captivating dancer in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Royal. Ame-no-Uzume is now the third Persona of the Lovers Arcana and can now be found as a shadow in Madarame's Palace as well as the Path of Chemdah under the name "Captivating Dancer". Her level has been severely nerfed, going from 29 to 13, and all of her skills except for Mazio and Divine Grace have been replaced.

How to win negotiations in Persona 5? ›

Negotiating for money or items is as simple as asking for them. Choose the request from the menu screen during negotiation and watch as the shadows empty their pockets. Shadows are more likely to cooperate or give bigger prizes if you have the same Persona in your stock.

How to talk to enemy persona 5? ›

If you knock all demons down at once, you'll initiate a Hold Up. From there you can choose an All-Out Attack or, after a certain point, you can choose to Talk. Then you can ask for money, items, or request to have the demon lend you their power.

What skills does Ame-no-Uzume have in Persona 5? ›

Skill NameCostEffect
Diarama6 SPModerately restore 1 ally's HP.
Mazio10 SPWeak Elec dmg to all foes. Chance of inflicting Shock.
Tentarafoo12 SPMedium chance of Confusion on 1 foe.
Divine GraceAutoEffects of healing magic are increased by 50%.
2 more rows
Apr 27, 2017

Who is the canon girl in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Makoto is considered a queen by her fans. Fans who like her, really like her, and even consider her to be the canon romance of the game. She also is relatively easy to romance and is incredibly plot-relevant. After all, it is her sister who is interrogating Joker throughout the game.

Who is the most powerful Persona in Persona 5 Royal? ›

#1 - Satanael Is The Best Persona In Persona 5 Royal, Provided You Do A New Game Plus Run. The Ultimate Persona of the Fool Arcana, Satanael is given to the protagonist at the very end of the game. Given the brevity of its appearance, one could be forgiven for thinking that this persona only exists for the final fight.

Do responses matter in Persona 5? ›

Like what the others have said in this thread, there are choices matter in this game (not a whole ton, but when it gets to the specific part then yes) that both not only affect the story endings but also your confidants, the characters in this game.

How do you win negotiations without being nasty? ›

How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
  1. 1) Be mindful of your tone. ...
  2. 2) Don't use "you" statements. ...
  3. 3) Avoid filler words or hesitant phrases. ...
  4. 4) Do your research. ...
  5. 5) Don't get personal. ...
  6. 6) Be mindful of your body language. ...
  7. 7) Know your non-negotiables.
Jan 17, 2016

Is negotiation a win win? ›

A win-win negotiation means thinking creatively about how you can get more of what you want by helping the other side get what they want. In many negotiations, the myth persists of a fixed pie, or the false assumption that most competitive situations are purely win-lose.

Can you avoid romance in Persona 5? ›

You don't have to romance any of the female confidant options and you get a choice that allows you to either romance them or just stay friends. Optionally you could romance them all and get a special cutscene later on in the game. There are some scenes that happen before that.

Does Joker ever talk in Persona 5? ›

Despite primarily being a silent protagonist, Joker occasionally speaks short phrases during cutscenes and battles; being voiced in Japanese by Jun f*ckuyama and in English by Xander Mobus.

Do you fight God in Persona 5? ›

Yaldabaoth, also known as the God of Control, Holy Grail, Malevolent God, Prison Master, and Warden, is the overarching antagonist of Persona 5 (as well as its final boss) and the 2019 updated re-release expansion, Persona 5 Royal.

Who is the smartest character in Persona 5? ›

1 Futaba Sakura

Unfortunately, when it comes to the smartest main character in Persona 5, it goes without saying that Makoto has to play second fiddle to the brilliant mind of Futaba. The reserved adopted daughter of Sojiro Sakura stayed cooped up for the most part with her own devices.

Is Izanagi no Okami the strongest Persona p5r? ›

There are several versions of Izanagi available in Persona 5 Royal, the most powerful being Izanagi-no-Okami. This is the protagonist's Ultimate Persona, obtained during the true ending and only available afterward in New Game+ via fusion (which requires the player to be at least level 91).

Who is the strongest priestess Persona Persona 5? ›

Finally, the strongest of all the Priestess personas, Cybele. This persona is only available once a player has completely maxed out Makoto's social rank, but it's well worth it. Cybele was known as the protector of Athens in addition to several other city-states.

Who is the most popular character in Persona 5 Royal? ›

You narcissists. The results of a recent poll from Atlus and Sega have revealed that Joker is the most popular character from Persona 5 Royal, with characters like Ryuji and Morgana falling surprisingly low on the results.

What is the name of the protagonist in Persona 5 dancing? ›

Joker (canon real name: Ren Amamiya) is the protagonist of Persona 5, a 2016 role-playing video game by Atlus.

Which sayuri is real Persona 5? ›

This puzzle of this room is to always select the true Sayuri. Going through a door before choosing will simply take you back to the start of this area of the room. Go up to the painting of the woman in red and choose it as the real one to progress.

Are the Persona dancing games canon? ›

They are now canon, it is now an objective fact. The story for the games are canon, like I said, they just follow the Persona Q treatment of 'they aren't going to remember it', things which have been cleared up and have been told to you within the first few minutes of the games.

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