Infinite Campus Boone County Ky (2024)

1. Boone County - Campus Parent

  • Infinite Campus Logo. Campus Parent. Boone County. Single Sign-On (SSO). or ... Welcome - this support site serves all Boone County Schools. Please read all ...

  • Please read all instructions below.

2. Infinite Campus - Boone County Area Technology

  • Click on the Infinite Campus logo to access the student and parent portal. (ATC FACULTY - CLICK HERE). FOR TECHNICAL SCHOOL STUDENTS:.

  • Infinite Campus - Boone County Area Technology

3. Login - Boone County Schools

  • Login - Boone County Schools. ... Infinite Campus Portal(opens in new window/tab) ... Logo Title. Boone County Schools. 8330 US Highway 42. Florence. KY. 41042.

  • Login - Boone County Schools

4. Infinite Campus

  • Parents & Students · The Infinite Campus Foundation · Login · Campus Community

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5. Boone Community - Campus Parent

6. Parents & Students - Infinite Campus

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  • To ensure your privacy, Infinite Campus does not have your username or password information. This search provides links to your district’s Infinite Campus login pages.


  • 1) Log into your parent portal (online payments are not available via the Infinite. Campus App; you must log into the portal to make a payment).

8. Check My Child's Progress - Ballyshannon Middle School

  • Infinite Campus - Student Portal(opens in new window/tab) ... Boone County Area Technology · Boone County High ... 7515 Shamrock Ave. Union. KY. 41091. 859-905-2620.

  • Check My Child's Progress - Ballyshannon Middle School

9. Students - Ballyshannon Middle School

  • Boone County Area Technology · Boone County High ... Infinite Campus - Student Portal(opens in new window/tab) ... 7515 Shamrock Ave. Union. KY. 41091. 859-905-2620.

  • Students - Ballyshannon Middle School

10. [PDF] District Network/ Technology Resources Internet Use

  • ... Infinite Campus Parent/Guardian Portal. Boone County Schools' network communications are not private, and may be viewed by Boone County School personnel, or ...

11. Boone County School District says no student tracking ... - Spectrum News

  • 22 aug 2023 · Boone County School ... FLORENCE, Ky. — Four days into the new ... infinite campus system, which is our student information system that we use.

  • Parents will receive notifications on kids' locations

12. Information - Ignite Institute

  • Parent Infinite Campus Instructions. Important Documents. 2023-24 ... Boone County Free/Reduced Lunch Application ... Infinite Campus Login for Students. Orange ...

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13. Boone County School Board refutes claims of inequitable election process

  • 25 mrt 2024 · We also sent it to our infinite campus messaging service that goes out to all student households by voicemail, text, and email, as well as ...

  • Boone County School Board refutes claims of a minority parent, stating they conducted due diligence in the election process for a new superintendent.

14. Knox County Public Schools – Believe • Achieve • Succeed

  • What's Happening? page link. Our Location. Knox County Board of Education 200 Daniel Boone Drive Barbourville, Kentucky 40906. INFORMATION AND ...

  • KCPS ensures students will be challenged to excel through rigorous and individualized instruction, inspiring them to become productive and contributing members of our community, thus creating positive change.

15. Boone Community School District

  • Parents & Students. Iowa School Performance Profile · Student Services · Boone Booster Club · Infinite Campus · Digital Backpack · Tasty Toreador Menu. Show ...

  • Home of the Toreadors

16. Infinite Campus / Student Records - Fayette County Public Schools

  • The Kentucky Department of Education uses software called Infinite Campus (IC), commonly called Campus Parent, to manage student records in all school ...

  • Infinite Campus / Student Records - Fayette County Public Schools

17. [PDF] Ignite Institute Insider

  • 26 okt 2020 · Per the most recent communication sent out from the Boone County Superintendent, Matt. Turner , Boone County Schools will continue to provide in ...

18. Boone County Board of Education tables 'Zpass' discussion ... - LINK nky

  • 9 jun 2023 · She said the card is not linked to the school's “Infinite Campus,” which houses further student information. ... Do any other Kentucky School ...

  • Boone County Schools are working on the second phase of a proposed bus security feature, which consists of identification card readers on school buses. Parents spoke at the Boone County […]

19. Library Cards | Boone County Public Library

  • Students in good standing from Northern Kentucky University. Suspended Card. Borrowing privileges may be suspended for non-returned items, unpaid fees, a change ...

  • Boone County Public Library does not charge a fine for overdue items. However, lost or damaged items do incur replacement costs.   

Infinite Campus Boone County Ky (2024)


What are the passwords for Infinite Campus? ›

In order to access your student Infinite Campus account for the first time, you will use your student number (either 8-digit or 10-digit). The student number is your username and doesn't change. The default password is your ​lower case initials​(first name, last name) ​and​your​ 6-digit​birthdate (all numbers).

Does CSN use Infinite Campus? ›

Home - Infinite Campus - College of Southern Nevada High School. To help you more effectively monitor the progress of your child, the Clark County School District provides a web based system.

How many schools are in Boone County, KY? ›

Boone County contains 27 schools and 20,201 students.

What is the highest GPA? ›

GPA is calculated on a scale between 0 and 4, so 4 is the highest GPA you can achieve in most classes.. However, if you take some advanced level classes you may be able to achieve a GPA of 5.

Can I see my GPA in Infinite Campus? ›

Infinite Campus is now displaying grade summaries in the “Grades” menu option. If you select “S1,” you can see both “Term GPA (weighted)” as well as “Cumulative GPA (weighted).” As of right now, the only accurate calculation is for “Term GPA (weighted).” Please disregard the “Cumulative GPA (weighted).”

What is the universal password? ›

Universal Password provides the ability to create advanced password policies. A password policy is a collection of administrator-defined rules that specify the criteria for creating and replacing end user passwords. NMAS allows you to enforce password policies that you assign to users in eDirectory.

Can you add a nickname on Infinite Campus? ›

Infinite Campus Nickname: Infinite Campus allows for a nickname to be entered. This will allow those with access to see the preferred name listed on the student's face sheet. However, the name will not populate on any other system or documentation.

Why can't I log into my Infinite Campus? ›

Your school can reset your password/create an account. You can also visit Campus Student or Campus Parent (Web Portal or Mobile App) and click “Forgot your password/username." If you don't see the "Forgot password?" and "Forgot username?" options, your district has not turned this feature on.

What does p mean in grades? ›

The following definitions will be used as a guide for the assignment of Graduate grades. H– High Pass. P– Pass. L– Low Pass. F– Fail.

Who is the owner of Infinite Campus? ›

With a vision for the future, our success speaks through our corporate stability, continuous innovation and outstanding customer service and support. Dedicated to our company's mission of Transforming K12 Education®, Charlie Kratsch, Founder and CEO, has led the company since its beginning in 1993.

What are the GPA requirements for CSN? ›

Register at CSN in a full course of study to work on campus during fall and spring semesters. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

What is Boone County Kentucky famous for? ›

Boone County has a significant prehistoric heritage. Glacial activity from long ago left substantial gravel and limestone deposits along today's Ohio River as well as natural wonders formed from glacial outwash such as Split Rock, at the mouth of Woolper Creek, and Boone Cliffs, along Middle Creek.

What is the richest school district in Kentucky? ›

Of active districts in Kentucky with at least 100 students, Oldham County – located in Oldham County – ranks as the wealthiest.

How big is Boone County KY? ›

Boone County, Kentucky has 246.3 square miles of land area and is the 87th largest county in Kentucky by total area.

How do I print my current grades on Infinite Campus? ›

From the dashboard of Infinite Campus, choose Documents from the left side menu. Choose the current school year and click on the Report Card. 3. A pop-out will appear that allows you to view, download, and print the report card, using the functions in the upper right corner.

How to check your GPA? ›

Add up your grade points for each class. Then divide the sum by the total number of credits earned in those courses.

What does final grade mean in Infinite Campus? ›

A final grade is assigned when the agreed-upon work has been completed and evaluated. An “I” must normally be made up within one calendar year immediately following the end of the term during which it was assigned.

What is the progress grade on Infinite Campus? ›

At the bottom of each subject is the progress grade (as it appeared on the progress report) and the overall grade for the school year. Grades shown in yellow are the most up to date grades for your student and they are called an in progress grade. They are dynamic and can change every time a teacher enters a grade.

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