Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (2024)

When journeying through the Kingdom of Lothric, you're bound to find some magnificent weapons. Each weapon type comes with its learning curves, and it's an entertaining adventure to get to know how these unique weapons work. However, the weapon type that you might have to take a bit more time to get used to is the Ultra Greatsword.

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Ultra Greatswords are devastating weapons, especially if you have a Strength-focused build. If you use them aggressively, you'll be defeating enemies left and right. And, since combat in Dark Souls 3 is faster compared to previous games in the series, Ultra Greatswords deal a great amount of swift damage. Ultimately, if you're looking for a weapon in Dark Souls 3 that will utterly crush your foes, turn your attention toward these incredible Ultra Greatswords.

10 Cathedral Knight Greatsword

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (1)

The Strike and counterattack damage on this Strength-oriented Ultra Greatsword make it a wonderful weapon to have. The Cathedral Knight Greatsword is wielded by the knights of the Cathedral of the Deep. Its blade is flat, making it great for striking but much better for thrusting during combat.

This weapon is light in weight, on top of having a short range — which, surprisingly, doesn't diminish the impact of this weapon too much, as its two-handed thrusting attack has a great reach. It's a strong weapon overall, but what brings down the Cathedral Knight Greatsword is that it doesn't scale as well compared to the other Ultra Greatswords.

9 Farron Greatsword

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (2)

The Farron Greatsword is an iconic weapon. It deals 20% bonus damage against Abyssal foes and has a similar attack move set to the Abyss Watchers. This weapon is also great for dealing with enemies in PvE, as well as having A scaling in Dexterity (which is unusual for Ultra Greatswords).

Farron Greatsword is best used against slow-moving enemies and is a great asset if you have a low-level build. Because of its unique move set, it's acrobatic in how you'll defeat almost anything in your path with how swiftly you swing this weapon.

8 Lorian's Greatsword

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (3)

Belonging to Prince Lothric's older brother, Lorian, his Ultra Greatsword is notable for dealing great amounts of Fire damage. It scales incredibly with Intelligence and Faith, plus its Flame of Lorian skill can be devastating to singular enemies.

Interestingly, the in-game model of the sword doesn't match its icon. There doesn't seem to be a clear reason for this, but seeing how it appears different than expected is always a fun surprise. Overall, Lorian's Greatsword works best for those with a combination of a Pyro and Strength build. It's a bit on the slower side of things, but the damage it deals makes up for it.

7 Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (4)

This weapon acts similarly to the Farron Greatsword in the sense that you can use an L1 attack during an R2 combo. Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords work wonders in PvP. They are essentially beyond deadly weapons that can deal devastating damage to both singular enemies and groups.

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What makes them so unique is that they're the only paired Ultra Greatswords in the game, on top of being the second-heaviest. However, if you won't be able to find this weapon in the base game. Only being available in The Ringed City DLC, you're only luck of finding it comes with defeating the Ringed Knight that resides in Ringed City.

6 Fume Ultra Greatsword

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (5)

Serving as both the heaviest Ultra Greatsword and a callback to a boss from Dark Souls 2, the Fume Ultra Greatsword is a monstrous weapon. Of course, it's no surprise that you'll need a high Strength level to properly wield this weapon. However, it's worth investing in at the end of the day because it has the highest total damage absorption out of all the weapons in the game.

Due to its remarkable and mighty properties, the Fume Ultra Greatsword can also act as a strong shield. If you can get your hands on this weapon, you'll find that it will be your trusty partner against bosses because of its vertical move set.

5 Zweihander

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (6)

The Zweihander has been seen throughout the Dark Souls series. It's both an iconic and a beloved weapon to have at your disposal. Being one of the lightest Ultra Greatswords in the game, this weapon makes it easy to deal a great amount of damage without leveling up too high.

It's an excellent weapon choice for PvE and PvP. And, even though there isn't something entirely special about this it, the weapon's timeless nature of being universally useful throughout the series makes it a worthwhile weapon to have by your side.

4 Lothric Knight Greatsword

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (7)

Dropped by the Lothric knights wielding them, this Ultra Greatsword is magical and strong for various builds. It's well-rounded and powerful, making excellent use of its horizontal move set. The Lothric Knight Greatsword scales best with Dexterity, on top of performing strongly with various infusions.

When thinking about all of its elements, it's clear that this weapon is a mighty one. In the right hands, it can be devastating as long as you upgrade and infuse it with elements. Not to mention that if you're new to using Ultra Greatswords, the Lothic Knight Greatsword will be beyond reliable for you.

3 Black Knight Greatsword

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (8)

Unique and dropped by Black Knights, you could consider the Black Knight Greatsword an absolute machine when it comes to being a powerful weapon. It inflicts 20% bonus damage against demon-type enemies, which makes it an excellent weapon for defeating demon-type bosses.

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The Black Knight Greatsword can catch enemies off-guard and throw them aside. With a fully-charged two-handed attack, it can knock foes far back and into the sky. It's an entertaining weapon at heart, and you'll feel accomplished by how much damage you're dealing to every enemy in your path at once.

2 Astora Greatsword

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (9)

The Astora Greatsword is one of the most iconic weapons in Dark Souls 3. Overall, it can be a surprising weapon, as you wouldn't expect it to be such a powerful Ultra Greatsword because of its light weight. It also gives those with a Dexterity-focused build a mighty weapon without sacrificing anything else.

Finding the Astora Greatsword isn't difficult, but it is a little bit of a journey. You have to go through a maze of sorts, going through the Cathedral of the Deep and into the Cleansing Chapel. In the end, once you've used the Astora Greatsword, you'll find it hard to go back to any other weapon.

1 Greatsword

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (10)

Seen in previous Dark Souls games, the Greatsword's comeback in the third installment makes it completely stand out as a useful and heavy weapon. Compared to other Ultra Greatswords, this weapon has more of a simple look to it. But, its simplicity shouldn't fool you, as it can pack a devastating punch to opponents.

This weapon's sheer size and raw power just scratch the surface of how it comes so readily in clutch for you in the direst times. Its high swing covers a large area, being the longest weapon of its kind. And, of course, how could one forget about it being a reference to Berserk.

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Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Ultra Greatswords, Ranked (2024)
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