Recruitment updates to enhance manager and candidate experiences (2024)

Recruitment updates to enhance manager and candidate experiences (1)

May 17, 2024 |

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As we continually work to improve the experience for hiring teams and job applicants, the latest Workday changes are designed to optimize our processes and elevate the services provided by the Human Resources talent acquisition team. These changes improve how we screen applicants and welcome new employees.

Applicant Screening

Starting May 9, talent acquisition consultants/recruiters – a community of skilled, trained colleagues who support the experience for hiring teams and job seekers – will initially screen applicants in Workday prior to hiring teams being able to view applicants. Hiring teams (i.e., manager, manager liaison, hiring team and search committee security role) will only view applicants after the TA Consultant has completed the initial screening process.

Recruiters will identify applicants who meet the position and salary requirements and present a more qualified pool for the hiring team to review. This frees up the hiring team to focus on reviewing applicants aligned with the qualifications for the job. It also helps to ensure compliance with hiring regulations and tracking of candidates for audit purposes.

Offer Letters

Offer letters have been updated to better reflect the culture and brand of Ohio State and highlight important information for new employees.

Candidate Notifications

The disposition process will soon notify applicants who are not selected for a position during the process, not just when a final candidate is selected, giving them real-time updates in Workday.

If you have questions about the recruiting process, please work with your talent acquisition consultant or contact HR Connection.

HR Focus News

May 17, 2024

Recruitment Updates to Enhance Manager and Candidate Experiences

As we continually work to improve the experience for hiring teams and job applicants, the latest Workday changes are designed to optimize our processes and elevate the services provided by the Human Resources talent acquisition team. These changes improve how we screen applicants and welcome new employees.

May 6, 2024

Staff Professional Development Funds

At Ohio State, you can combine opportunities and resources to create professional development that works for you. Staff Professional Development Funds provide a way to identify development opportunities, request funding and expand your skills. If you are interested in pursuing professional development over the next year, apply for funds by May 31, 2024.

May 1, 2024

Ohio State Listening Survey

Ohio State is launching a listening survey to collect feedback from faculty and staff starting Wednesday, May 1, and open until Friday, May 17.

April 5, 2024

Job Posting Process and Review Changes Integrated with Workday

Using feedback from people leaders, finance representatives and HR professionals, HR has improved and streamlined the job posting process. This reflects the continuous effort to provide support for the job posting and recruitment process in Workday.

March 9, 2024

New Benefits and Pay Dashboard in Workday

A new benefits and pay dashboard in Workday now makes it easier to access your most important benefits and pay information in one place. The new dashboard, called the Benefits and Pay Hub, combines the previous Pay and Benefits apps with more comprehensive details about your compensation history, recent paychecks, health benefits, and more.

Recent HR News

May 16, 2024

Bright Horizon Benefits Support Family and Personal Wellbeing

When caring for your family – including kids, parents or furry family members – you don’t have to do it alone. As schedules change for the summer months , explore the benefits available through Ohio State’s partnership with Bright Horizons.

May 14, 2024

Outstanding Buckeyes Recognized for Impactful Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Five exceptional Buckeyes are living the university’s Shared Values of Diversity and Innovation, and Inclusion and Equity – earning them the annual recognition of a Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award.

May 14, 2024

Ohio State Voted ColumBEST Top Employer

For the 11th consecutive year , The Ohio State University was named the (614) Magazine ColumBEST Top Employer.

April 29, 2024

Nepotism Policy revision

The Nepotism Policy, 1.25 has been revised as of April 29, 2024, to further emphasize that employees are selected for positions based on job-related qualifications and not relationship by family or marriage. The updated policy clarifies that no employee can use their position to influence – either directly or indirectly – the hiring process for a family member.

April 29, 2024

Paid Time Off Policy minor revision

The Paid Time Off Policy has been updated to align with the university’s current practice of supporting birth mothers who experience a stillbirth.

Recruitment updates to enhance manager and candidate experiences (2024)


Which of these is the simplest way to enhance the candidate experience? ›

Let's take a look at what you can start doing right away:
  • Step 1: Revamp your job descriptions. ...
  • Step 2: Make the application process simple. ...
  • Step 3: Be transparent with your hiring process. ...
  • Step 4: Provide a designated contact person. ...
  • Step 5: Help candidates prepare. ...
  • Step 6: Follow best practices for conducting interviews.

How do I respond to an update from a recruiter? ›

In your note, you'll want to thank them for taking the time to speak with you, express your interest in the job, and state your availability for next steps, such as the hiring manager interview.

Is there anything we could do to improve the candidate experience in the future? ›

Be Transparent About the Hiring Process

Being transparent is an important aspect of delivering a positive candidate experience. Provide a timeline for your hiring process. Set clear expectations of what each stage of the hiring process will look like and how much time each stage will take.

How you would know if your recruitment efforts were effective? ›

Here are five KPIs used to measure recruitment effectiveness:
  • Time-to-Hire. The number of days it takes to fill a position from the time the job opening was posted. ...
  • Cost-per-Hire. ...
  • Quality-of-Hire. ...
  • Candidate Experience. ...
  • Diversity Metrics.

What is the most important part of the candidate experience? ›

Transparent Communication and Timely Updates

Effective communication is crucial throughout the recruitment process. Providing candidates with timely updates on their application status shows respect for their time and effort.

How do I reply to a status update email? ›

Thanks for the information. I await your further response in due course. Thanks for the update. I will await your advice over what might be the next stage in the process.

How do I reach out to a recruiter for an update example? ›

I wanted to check in on the status of the [job title] position, as I've received an offer from another company. I'm still very much interested in joining the team at [company name], and wanted to get an update on my candidacy and the timeline before making a decision. Please let me know when you have a moment. Thanks!

How do you respond to a recruitment message? ›

When you receive a message from a recruiter and think you may be interested in the role, start your reply by thanking the recruiter and expressing your interest. "Thank you for reaching out, this sounds like a great new job opportunity, and I'm interested in learning more about this [job title] position.

What would you say are areas the candidate could improve? ›

Area of improvement examples can be divided into three broad areas: planning and organization, leadership and management, and communication and interpersonal skills. Goal-setting, engagement, professional development, and work-life balance are key for employees looking to improve their performance.

How to answer what makes you a better candidate for this position? ›

Here are some phrases to help you put your answer to this question together.
  1. My years of experience have prepared me for the role.
  2. I have experience in leadership.
  3. I understand what is needed to keep the customer happy.
  4. Based on my background, I am confident that I would mesh well with the other employees.

What makes an effective recruitment strategy? ›

A good recruitment strategy defines the candidates you want to attract, describes why you're looking for them, and explains how you intend to recruit them to your organization. Your strategies can be simple or complex.

What are the most effective means of recruiting successful employees? ›

Start an Employee Referral Program

If you've already got a great group of employees, you can likely trust their referrals for new candidates. Good people generally know and hang out with other good people and will refer people who fit into the company's culture.

How do you evaluate recruiter performance? ›

Many companies measure performance by looking at time-to-fill, time-to-hire, cost per hire, offer acceptance rate, and sourcing channel effectiveness/cost. These are all useful metrics, and give you a quantitative view of how efficient your recruiters are.

How to create a positive candidate experience? ›

Make it easy for candidates to learn about your company so they can determine if it's the right fit for them.
  1. Put your career site to work. ...
  2. Use social media to shine a spotlight on your company. ...
  3. Be clear on who you're looking for. ...
  4. Get job insights from current employees. ...
  5. Give candidates the information they care about most.

What is the best way to manage the candidate to get the best results? ›

Here are our five best tips for talent management:
  1. Don't start actively recruiting until you have the vacancy signed off. ...
  2. Give a clear timeline. ...
  3. Don't be negative about your organisation. ...
  4. Provide regular updates. ...
  5. Provide good quality feedback.

How do you tell a candidate they need more experience? ›

Dear [Applicant's Name],Thank you for applying to the [Position Title] role and for the time you invested in the interview process at [Company Name]. We have decided to move forward with a candidate whose experience more closely aligns with the needs of the position.

What is the simplest way to assess which of your recruiting efforts works best? ›

The simplest way to assess which of your recruiting efforts work best is to ask potential participants how they heard about the study. This direct approach allows you to track the effectiveness of various recruitment strategies without significant additional resources.

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